I thought I must obey the law and went to Moses to make terms with him, and he at once knocked me down. I knew I deserved it, and did not complain.

I prepared myself, and went again, and, with a severe blow, he brought me to the ground a second time.
I was amazed, and entreated him to hear me. But he drove me from Sinai, and gave me no satisfaction.

In my despair, I went to Calvary. There I found One who had pity on me, forgave my sins, and filled my heart with His love. I looked at him, and his healing mercy penetrated my whole being, and cured the malady within.

Now I went back to Moses to tell him what has happened. He smiled on me, shook my hand, and greeted me most lovingly; and he has never knocked me down since.
I go by Calvary to Sinai, and all its thunders are silent.

God bless you

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