Secret Place | Apostle Joshua Selman

Secret place

God is everywhere but He does not meet with people everywhere. Everywhere is not good for a meeting place with God. Any individual commanding unusual dimension, is a person of the secret place.
Everything that is mighty and noble, in the kingdom is hidden. When people preach, look at there result, look at there proofs.
Everything that is glorious, is never revealed, it is hidden, it is your pursuit that makes it revealed.

When it has to do with redemption, God reveals Himself, but when it has to do with intimacy with God He does not expose Himself carelessly, He hides Himself in light.

The secret place is not the house of God. The secret place is not necessarily a physical location, although a possibility, a man can make a place and dedicate it to be a meeting point between Him and God. It is a posture a man takes, that allows him, to have access with God.

Despite all the fellowship meetings, prayer meetings, most people don’t still know God, because there are aspects of Him that need to be revealed, when you are alone with Him. There are dimensions of your life, and dealings with God, that are not for public consumption.

Men are made in the secret place.

Time is a component of intimacy. God can’t reveal Himself in a nutshell. You must pay the price to know God for yourself, this cooperate knowing of God, will not stand the test of time.

5 Dimensions That We Access Through The Power Of The Secret Place:
The secret place is a place of Brokenness:
Brokenness is not necessarily for sinners. Brokenness is a state of the heart, that display total dependence on God.
All glory to God, first comes from the heart, before the mouth.

The secret place is a place where we find the mercy of God:
The idea many have about the mercy of God, is the reason why they never access it at all. Mercy is not only for sinners. When you invoke the mercy of God, He moves because of His Son.

The secret place is a place we find rest and comfort:
Everyone you know has the potential of disappointing you. God is the only person, we owe our explanations. Learn to draw strength in His presence.

The secret place is a place of revival and restoration.

The secret place is a place of illumination, where the secret of destiny is revealed:
When you see a man rising by a technology you don’t understand, he used time to buy mystery in the spirit.
Time is a currency. Wealth is a secret.

When you enter the secret place, you don’t come out, until you come out with answers.

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