The critical weapon the devil uses to oppress men, is the fear of death. Many people will never become what God wants them to be because, they are afraid they will die or lose something.
Everyone, that has done something tangible for God in his lifetime, is someone that says, “If I die, I die.” Victory over death is not when somebody dies, but rather, when a man is able to overcome the terror of death.
For a believer, death is nothing but a step into higher ground.

Cowards die many times before their death – Julius Caesar.

For you to progress in your life, death must lose it’s sting over your life. Any man that is not willing to take a step of faith will never experience divine intervention.
A step of faith is often a step of risk.

The moment you learn to walk by the word of God and not your feelings, not by environmental conditions, you are bound to prevail.

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