Before Honor

Before Honor

Proverbs 18:12 No one is respected unless he is humble; arrogant people are on the way to ruin. (GN)
Proverbs 18:12 Haughtiness comes before disaster, but humility before honor. (Amp)

This life is governed by principles, once a principle is obeyed, the result attached to such principle is made evident in your life.
The problem we have, is that, we pursue the result and neglect the principle, not knowing that, it is in obedience to the principle that it’s result comes.

Everyone, wants to be honored, it is even a great privilege to be honored. But the world system, has carved out another principle for anyone to be honored, leading many into believing that you are honored when you acquire much wealth. It is true, but it goes against God’s standard of honoring men. We find out that, such men are dwelling in pride, but still gets honored.

True honor comes after humility. Humility is the principle, which must be obeyed, to get the result, which is honor.
The world gas changed the system, that they humble, are seen as fools. God’s own system never changes, “Before Honor Is Humility.”

Jesus Christ is a perfect example. He reduced Himself to human, and died, forgetting all His glories (humility), after that, was given a name above all names (honor).
A tree can’t just appear like a tree, it’s seed first went down into the earth (humility), and later sprang up like a big tree (honor).

Are you ready to go down into the soil?
Are you ready to forget your achievements?

And bury yourself, so that you can spring up like a tree.
Proverbs 3:34 Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly.

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