10 Books On Praise And Worship (PDF download)

10 Books On Praise and Worship

In the Bible, praise is usually presented as highly-spirited, joyful and uninhibited. God asks all creation to praise him. Worship, on the other hand, goes deeper than praise. It is something that comes from the spirit. It is often said that it is an attitude or state of the heart.

Consider the following books:

1. The Effect Of Praise – Andrew Womma

2. Power In Praise Merlin Carothers

3. Worship God First – Zona Hayes Corneilson

4. Understanding The Power Of Praise – David Oyedepo

5. Purpose And Power Of Praise – Dr Myles Munroe

6. The Untapped Power In Praise – Kenneth W. Hagin

7. Praise Avenue – Don Gossett

8. Worship God – Watchman Nee

9. The Art Of Worship – Sadltu Sundae Selvaray

10. There’s Dynamite In Praise – Don Gossett

Happy Reading!!!!

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