How Then Can Man Be Righteous Before God?

Righteous Before God

Job 25:4 How then can man be justified and righteous before God? Or how can he who is born of a woman be pure and clean?

Who can answer this question?
Let’s first understand the meaning of righteousness.
According to the dictionary, being righteous means, being free from sin or guilt, moral and virtuous.
Then who is free from sin?

Initially man was created to be with God, to dwell in His presence always, but when we lost our relationship, through disobedience, we were cast out of His presence. While we were in His presence, there was prerequisite to be in His presence, which is “righteousness.” Our God can’t dwell or be with someone who is not righteous. His eyes is too holy to behold iniquity.

This is a heavy question for everyone, who wants to be with God, because the righteousness being talked about can be misplaced or misunderstood.
The righteousness here can’t be defined by good morals, one can have good morals, and still can’t be righteous before God.
The righteousness here can’t also be defined by good works, you can have good works and still can’t be righteous before God.

What then is this Righteousness?

Jesus Christ is this righteousness, that can only qualify you to stand before God.
Jesus Christ came, and died, paid our price, reconciled us back to God, and gave all who believe in Him this gift of righteousness, because the righteousness that can only be approved by God is a gift from His Son to us.
We can only see God by possessing this type of righteousness, which is through Christ. That is why Jesus called Himself “The Way“.
There are other ways, but He is the only way to be with God.
For example, a ticket going to Abuja, can’t take you to Lagos. It must be a Lagos ticket, that would take you to Lagos. So is our journey to God, Jesus is the only ticket (gift of righteousness) to stand before God.

Accept Him, and He will freely give you that gift.

God bless you

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