If God Is Your Father, Please Call Home

God your Father

Do you really know what it means to call someone your father?
Your father gave you a life
Your father cares so much about you
Your father makes you his priority.
You can answer the question above, if you have a father, but you can also answer it correctly, if you have a good relationship with your father.
Our earthly fathers have a way of showing us our father and son relationship with God.

Can you stay for a day without talking to your dad?
Your answer should be “No”, but you see God as a your father, and stay for weeks, months, without taking to Him. You can talk to Him through prayers; it is a communication medium.
Let’s talk more on prayer.

Prayer brings momentum, it lifts the heart above the challenges of life and gives it a view of God’s resources of victory and hope. The most powerful energy anyone can generate is prayer energy.

The devil smiles when we make plans
He laughs when we get too busy
But he trembles when we pray.

Whatever is worth worrying about is certainly worth praying about. When you feel swept off your feet, get back to your knees, run to your Father. There is no time spent with God your Father that is lost. Common people do not pray, they only beg, as a son, an heir, pray to your Father. Don’t be deceived, wishing can never be a substitute for prayer.
My friend Pray!!

We don’t just come to God to make our request known, but also to get instructions. Pray to do the will of God in every situation, nothing else is worth praying for.
When we pray, we must simultaneously position ourselves to be willing to take the action that God requires as answers to our prayers, don’t just come and talk alone, listen, He would definitely speak.

Prayer may not change all things for you, but it sure changes you for all things.

Merry Christmas To You 

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