How To Really Love Your Teen by D. Ross Campbell (PDF download)

How to really love your teen

How to Really Love Your Teenager appeals to my sense of values, particularly since we live in a society that too often emphasizes the selfish and materialistic. This book of common sense guidelines shows how parents may more than simply coexist with a teenager—it shows how they can develop the relationship into something rewarding and enriching.
Roger and I have five children. In 1981, when I was asked
to write the foreword, our eldest was a teenager and two more were on the verge of adolescence. For us, Dr. Campbell’s book was not only instructive but most timely.
One of the strengths of the book is its simplicity, as it focuses on basics that can be incorporated into everyday life. I especially appreciated the sections about dealing with anger
and frustration and about the need for unconditional love. And
I was thankful for Dr. Campbell’s reassuring message for
parents as we cope with the moods and crises of our teenagers.
There is a recurring theme in the book that I heartily
endorse—that as parents we should put our lives in order,
physically, morally, spiritually, because we are role models for
our children. If we accept Dr. Campbell’s advice, I believe that
we and our children will profit.
This is a book you’ll want to read and then pass along to
your friends.

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