Daily Prayer Guide By Daniel Okpara (PDF Download)

“I know I should pray, but I can’t.
“I could watch a movie for 4 hours or chat on social media for several
hours at a stretch, without getting bored, but whenever you say, pray, I get
sleepy. What’s wrong with me?”
“Yes I know. I have heard a lot about the power of prayer. I have read a lot
about great men of God who prayed and moved mountains. But I still can’t
pray, why, what’s wrong with me?”
“Why is it that what I want to do is not what I find myself doing?”
This was me years ago as I struggled to understand prayer and pray more.
And I know this is also the state of several Christians today.
Yes. We know we should pray. They preach that to us every Sunday. But
the question is, how do we pray? How do we really grow a rich praying

life? How can we make prayer a part and parcel of our lives?
This was the question I kept asking myself several years ago; as I kept
struggling with guilt, about not praying the way I should really do. Just
like the disciples, I kept crying inside me, “LORD, teach me how to
This book is an attempt to share with believers practical tips that God has
shown me in my walk with Him, according to His Word, on how we can
really pray more….and really get answers to our prayers.

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