Steve Farrar is a minister of God’s word, an author with over fifteen books to his credit, he is passionate about equipping men to be the kind of leaders God want them to be both in their families and in the church. Also the founder of Men’s leadership Ministries.

This book written in three parts; part one tells us about the priority of finishing strong. Before we can finish strong it has to be the first on our scale of preference, it is a long way from here to where we are going, like the holy book says “who wants to a build a tower and not sit down and count the cost, so also our spiritual journey.

Steve gave the analogy of One out of ten, as in, ten persons start the journey but only one made it to the end. He gave examples of Christian Leaders who started off beautifully well, charged for exploits but who didn’t finish strong.

Now even if we had a bad start we can still finish strong. We shouldn’t think we can finish strong on our own, we need to tap into the higher anointing, fix our eyes on Jesus.

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