Are you worried?
Are you sad?
Are you depressed?
Are you tired of situations you’re going through?
Do you feel that God has stopped answering prayers?
Or are you beginning to question his existence and think he’s partial?

God is never late.
He can never give up on you.
He’s too faithful to fail.
The persecution you’re going through on earth is part of what qualifies you as a christian.
Jesus Christ himself suffered persecution and betrayal too!
But he wasn’t perturbed because He knew what was in store for Him.
And He also told us that if they persecuted Him, they will also persecute us.

The persecutions are not there to kill us but to make us stronger, because God made us to understand that, “When we pass through the waters, he shall be with us and when we pass through the fire, we shall not be burnt, neither will the flame scorch us ( Isaiah 43 vs 2).”

God is working out something great for you, even in that trying time and nobody can stop him when it’s time to unveil your miracle and testimony.
Isaiah 43 vs 13, “Yes, and from ancient days I am he. No one can deliver out of my hand. When I act, who can reverse it?”


Written by,
Abiayi Precious.

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