Teenage relationship with the opposite sex

As puberty begins, teenagers develop interest in the opposite sex, and they dream of romantic love. However, relationship between opposite sexes is not restricted to dating or falling in love. It also includes normal friendship which is part of normal social life.

Teenagers who are able to order their lives aright in this aspect have made significant inroads towards overcoming the challenges associated with growing up. The same thing cannot be said about folks who messed up in this area.

Making friends with the opposite sex is not a bad thing, but the issue is:
* What is the motive behind that friendship?
The motive of everything in life has to be defined, if the motive or purpose of a thing is not defined abuse comes in.

Not every teen boy is lucky enough to have sisters to learn from. Likewise, not every teen girl is lucky enough to have brothers who teach them to be comfortable around males. Having siblings of the opposite sex can increase comfort levels and provide insight into the minds and ways of the other sex.

There are so many reasons why it is healthy for a teens to befriend opposite sex peers. Which include:

1. Teens learn a lot about how the opposite sex thinks and feels from their opposite sex peers.

2. Male teens can become increasingly comfortable with females if they label them as friends rather than as potential girlfriends

3. All throughout life we will be interacting with the opposite sex on many levels and in many arenas.

Now, if a relationship between the opposite sexes are not managed well, it can lead to some misconceptions.


1). From the onset let all the people you deal with, especially members of the opposite sex, know your take on relationships. Set healthy boundaries when relating with the opposite sex and let the other fellow(s) know their limits

2). Determine to be godly and Godfearing in all things, including relationship with the opposite sex. Always imagine God’s invisible eyes watching you and His invisibles ears listening to your conversation with the opposite sex.

3). Be purposeful in every relationship. Don’t just go into friendship with anyone for the fun of doing so. Have good reasons why someone should be your friend, even if that person is not a bad fellow.

4). Know the difference between good and bad touch. Use the knowledge to help yourself and your friends. Bad touch is bad and should never be allowed.

5). Be driven by your convictions and do not let any boy/girl take advantage of you. Also don’t allow yourself to be swayed by what your peers are saying or doing. No matter what is at stake, do not stifle your conscience. In the words of Tony Gaskin, “Love doesn’t have an expiration date. Lust has an expiration date. Know the difference.”

6). Guard your utterances in the company of the opposite sex. Do not make suggestive statements or engage in erotic discussions. Filthy jokes and foul languages, tending to immorality should be despicable to you.
Stay clear from drugs and alcohol because these substances can cloud your sense of reasoning and make you vulnerable to irresponsible or indecent behavior with the opposite sex.

Your beliefs do not make you a better person, your behavior does.

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